I thought it would be kind of interesting to explore Aurasma AR in living history type application. I selected Lincoln as my topic and selected the Lincoln Memorial as my Trigger image.

For overlays to start with Mary Todd Lincoln as an image and the action should be an actress performing a one-woman show portraying Mary Todd as she talks about her life. The action should add in audio and video to bring history to life.

The second overlay is of his favorite son Tad with an action of audio and video from the perspective of Tad giving the student a glimpse into the life of the First Family.

The third overlay is the Gettysburg Address and a reading of the address followed by a second action of a PDF version of the address in the original form and the “modern day translation” beside it.

The fourth overlay is the Second Inauguration Address and includes two action pieces. The first is a review of the address and the second is a reading of the address to give the student insight and deeper understanding of the significance of the address.

The final overlay is the Death Bed image which has three actions. The first action is a recount of the events in the room preceding death, the second is a recording of an interview with an actor who witnessed the shooting and the third is an old 1960s TV interview with a gentleman who witnessed the shooting. The combination of the three to help the student put the events into historical perspective.

The image of Lincoln is the trigger image for the aura.  


Link to Aurasma  UserName MottMiddleton


Deconstruction of the process

The easy part was deciding on a central theme and building a history walk using central characters.I have been cognizant of using rights free material but this task was a bit harder with this assignment. I struggled to find the audio files I wanted to use and ended up changing direction mid-stream.

The technology presented a problem on this assignment. I tried to build the Aurasma while traveling on business only to discover my company blocks Aruasma. That little glitch forced me to work in the hotel lobby on the computers set aside for printing boarding passes. Not the most convenient but it works.

You can not build the aura on an IPad or cell phone you must be on a laptop or desktop. The screen size prevents the buttons from rendering properly.

I have the patience of a gnat which worked against me on this assignment. To make changes you have to make small changes and wait till the server updates to see the impact of the changes. I took detailed notes of every change so I could undue what did not work. (thank you, classmates, for that guidance)

What did I learn? The technology is neat but without practice, the time required to build the Aura is a bit daunting.