Mash Up and Remix

“I feel that all knowledge should be in the free-trade zone. Your knowledge, my knowledge, everybody’s knowledge should be made use of. I think people who refuse to use other people’s knowledge are making a big mistake. Those who refuse to share their knowledge with other people are making a great mistake because we need it all. ” Freire, P., & Horton, M. (1990)

Digital storytelling changes everything! It eliminates the gatekeepers of information and allows the world to talk, to listen, and to learn based on their guiding interests. A huge statement for someone in traditional publishing to make. This class has profoundly changed my thoughts around content development.

As I develop courses for Adults my focus has shifted from teaching them to opening the doors to allow them to learn. It is connecting to ideas and knowledge.

My story

I have been in the venerable world of publishing for 20+ years. I have watched the rise of self-publishing, blogs, wikis, and YouTube instructional videos and while impressed was not seeing the full picture. Individuals are not engaging in digital storytelling as a way to make money, granted some are, they are making connections. They are engaging in the process of crafting a narrative.

One of the most profound events of this course was the participatory storytelling through twitter. I compare it to open source content building on the wealth of the combined knowledge. Going into the process I was concerned I would disengage as other took characters on different paths than what I had in mind. I LOVED the story line hijacking. It made me step back and think but more importantly it highlighted the value of multiples coming at the same item with different backgrounds.

How do I apply this to content development? In the prison setting, open communication is not an option. However, in the space of reentry digital storytelling could be a valuable tool. The use of Cultural Storytelling to impact social change. But also as a vehicle to help inmates find their voice in society both inside and outside the walls.

Helping those transitioning out of the institution to create the bridge for those coming in and even more of value for those on the edge.

What is a mash up?

I was familiar with the term due to having a brother who is an amazing DJ. Never had I thought of using a mash-up as a culminating project. A mash us is pulling together an idea in a package that flows. Be it video, audio, or flat file. It is snippets that tell a story. The idea of creating a mash-up was overwhelming. I am not creative and I felt this project required creativity. To play to my logical way of organizing life I resorted to the

The idea of creating a mash-up was overwhelming. I am not creative and I felt this project required creativity. To play to my logical way of organizing life I resorted to the ACMI Generator storyboard process and built the conversation. It then took 6 days to format the audio and video. I used Creative Commons video pieces, CC Audio, ScreenCast, and text to build the video. For video editing, I used Vegas Pro. Vegas Pro is a multi-channel editing software for PC.

For royalty free material I used Media Commons an excellent source for audio and video files. The opening segment on the video is  Storytelling Can You Tell It In Order. I find it fascinating to go from a hand puppet to digital storytelling.

Here is a mashup of the course.


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