No Digital Facelift youtube Lecture

No Digital Facelift

The lecture No Digital Facelift is over 6 years old but contains a lot of relevant thoughts impacting digital instruction today.  The basic concept of applying a facelift or transforming education is the question thought leaders are still discussing.

Some key ideas that resonated with me

“programed for discovery rather than instruction”

What would the education system look like if the focus was discovery rather than instruction. Students in charge of their educational path with the educator as a coach rather than the divine being responsible for instruction.  He speaks to the “historical conditioning” of industry specifically the newspaper industry but could the same not be said of the education industry? I contend we are historically conditioned to education being a passive endeavor with the instructor in control instead of the learner. With technology, could we shift that dynamic? Could we move to a collection of learners tracking at their speed and interest level?

It was also stated there are three pieces to education

Narrating, curating, and sharing

Interesting when you think about what Common Core is attempting to do with higher level thinking skills. If we move education to a process of narrating, curating, and sharing I believe we move from memorizing to understanding. For you can not articulate the learned skill without understanding, you can not curate without understanding application, and you can not share without deeper understanding of what you have discovered.

Now the deeper question is what is the barrier to adoption of technology in education?

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