A Domain of Ones Own-Reflection

A Domain of Ones Own

“A Domain of Ones Own” pays homage to Gardner’s belief of the power of building a personal cyberinfrastructure. The article notesĀ  “five years later we have more than 6500 sites and 8500 users, and that number has steadily increased over these past five years”. This is a clear illustration of the student use of the personal cyberinfrastructure. I would have liked to hear from the student user point of view. Are students creating personal domains because it is mandated or out of desire? What are they learning from the experience? What happens post graduation? Are they maintaining their domain or is it abandoned? This piece did not answer any questions for me.

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  1. I agree, it would’ve been interesting to hear what students think about the personal cyberinfrastructure. I visited the UMW blogs site: http://umwblogs.org/ and it was kind of interesting to scroll through some of the student blogs, so that might give at least a little more insight into what the students are thinking. Asking about student perspective on the blogs would be a great question for next week’s meetup with Jim Groom!

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