Final Thought on Digital Citizenship

Thinking about digital citizenship was not on my original plan for 2016 when I mapped my year. However, it is all I have been doing since June of this year.

When I go back and look at my original post on digital citizenship the definition was It is understanding the risks and benefits of technology to enhance your contribution to society. Midway through the course my definition shifted to not looking at digital citizenship as using a pencil. I have a much broader definition today than I did two months ago. An understanding based on technology as a tool and nothing more.

I now think digital citizenship is an idea that needs to die a quick death. Digital citizenship is nothing more than “plain old citizenship”. We live in a digital world which means nothing more than our communications are now connected on a, global, digital scale. It is another leap as dramatic as the printing press and with it comes responsibilities but those responsibilities are citizenship responsibilities regardless of tool set.

Digital Citizenship

I am still a cautious member of the digital society. I am very aware of the saying what you put online stays there forever. However, I have started exploring the thought of not locking my ideas down and have enjoyed sharing and building on the ideas of others. I have shifted from the position of risk management with digital citizenship to more of a mindset of exploration and communication.


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