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I am overwhelmed with emails at work. I kept a daily total for a week and calculated the average for just one week and am shocked with the actual numbers. The daily average of emails to me 273, emails where I am copied 307, and emails where I am blind copied 7. I know I am missing information due to information fatigue. If this is happening to me, it must be happening to those down stream in my organization as well. That prompted me to look at new ways to craft messages to capture the attention of the reader in short concise messages. If the audience reads the message the first time this increases my productivity by eliminating the number of times I have to repeat information. I found Powtoon.

Powtoon is a presentation software allowing the user to create animated presentations using a library of templates and audio files. You can add voice over, add video, or just go with the simple text. It took 4 minutes to build this Adam Intro. 

I am pleased to report 100% of my staff played the video and I have not had a single person ask for the “new guy’s” contact information. They have all reached out to him and are working directly with him. Mission accomplished.

How would I use this in the future? I could see this a replacement to bullet point training slides as well as introductions for meetings. I see tremendous use for this in the classroom both for teachers and students. I would love to turn a group of students free with Powtoon to capture and explain a concept.


Teaching with Powtoon

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  1. I like PowToon, I used it for an assignment in Digital Storytelling. I think it has some great potential in the classroom. I can see it working, as you said, to replace reg. slide presentations–even for students’ presentations.

  2. That many emails sounds like an ungoldy, horrible amount. I pity you, I really do. Sounds like you wouldn’t have time for anything but to answer emails and go to the bathroom, haha. Cool find with the PowToon by the way. That sounds actually pretty awesome and effective. Regarding your email problem might I recommend checking out SaneBox? I’ve heard from a guy who uses it and gets a TON of emails a day and apparently it’s a pretty killer piece of email management software.

  3. Many different strategies for dealing with email insanity, but they seem to break down into three basic areas: behavioral modification, technical management tools and what you are doing here, which is perhaps the most interesting (maybe because the first two just never stick for me), changing the very nature of the message. I suppose after the first dozen or so powtoons the impact will be less, but there are a million different tools out there to replace it (or to add to a cycle)…

    1. While Powtoons was a nice break from the usual, I am already looking for the next tool. Instead of email I have started sending audio clips. Quick to pull together and something different. Next week I am going to add a weekly recap podcast to the mix.

      Which brings me to classrooms. I wonder if we mix things up enough in the classroom? It takes time to find the next method of communication but I think it would bring value.

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