Reflection: “The Web We Need to Give Students”

The Web We Need to Give Students by Audrey Watters

Watters makes the statement “a Domain of One’s Own helps students build their own digital portfolio” and goes further to discuss the portability of said portfolio. Now it makes sense! Each school has their platform, their LMS, their servers. If you transfer you start all over again unless your content can plug in. You own your digital portfolio for life not just this year or in this school building you are not dependent on others to carry or curate your publishing.

The conversation of owning your domain can be summed up in this paragraph from “The Web We Need to Give Students”

“Giving students their own digital domain is a radical act. It gives them the ability to work on the Web and with the Web, to have their scholarship be meaningful and accessible by others. It allows them to demonstrate their learning to others beyond the classroom walls. To own one’s domain gives students an understanding of how Web technologies work. It puts them in a much better position to control their work, their data, their identity online”

I would call out some key points: With the web as well as on the web; beyond classroom walls; control..

With as well as on is noting the understanding of web technologies and gets to the heart of digital literacy. This is a prime example of understanding through doing.

Beyond classroom walls is highlighting the realization that through the web the world is local. You can publish and engage with peers around the globe as easily as someone next door.

Control is the root. Owning your domain puts the control in your hands not a corporation. Free Democratic Expression

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  1. Of course “Free Democratic Expression” of any meaningful nature remains a difficult proposition for many, maybe most, whether with or on the web!

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