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Heidi Olson Heidi and I both used PowToon on our blogs. I added the link to the PowToon Erin and I created and suggested she have a look. I had to adjust the characters in our PowToon to address cultural and gender ratios. I noted this as a problem in PowToon.

Erin Anderson Erin posted a photo of her pup in the Creative Commons exercise. While a stretch from the use of the photo on Erin’s blog I wanted to point out that even with CC attribution there is a risk of not being able to control an image once it is in the digital space.

Erin Anderson Erin posed several questions around ADA in her post Fire Away.  Dillon provided some great links to court verdicts and deeper information which might her Erin with her questions.

Tammi  and Sarah both used the example of the Getty Images suit to discuss Copyright Trolls. I thought they could benefit from seeing their cohort’s work and reading the comments. (Links on each of their blogs)

Rebecca Missler used animation to step through the timeline of copyright law. I linked to her piece on my blog entry for  History of Copyright. On Rebecca’s blog comment area I provided the link back to my page and asked her to let to know if she was ok with the by line I used. She has an open CC with simple notation of by.


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