What does digital citizenship mean to me

Before defining digital citizenship I have to take a step back and define digital literacy for one builds on the other in my mind. Digital literacy is the understanding of how the devices work and how to use the devices along with understanding the content served up through technology. An example would be understanding Twitter not just as a limited character communication tool but understanding how to access, sort, store, manage and utilize the tool to your benefit. In print it would be understanding there is information on a page and having the ability to access and understand the information using the information to build out critical thinking skills.

Digital citizenship is how you engage with digital literacy. It is understanding the risks and benefits of technology to enhance your contribution to society. Risks such as privacy, bullying, image protection, copyright laws, and general engagement. Benefits such as time management, communication, engagement, and knowledge.

Digital citizenship is membership in the transformative community of technology and technology users. It comes with rights as well as responsibilities and a good digital citizen engages with the knowledge base and embarks on a path of continuing education around digital literacy. Digital citizenship is your footprint in technology from your smartphone to laptop and beyond. It is communication, understanding, debate, engagement, entertainment, knowledge, and growth.

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