I am someone trying to figure it out. I question a lot and find myself arguing as a way to sort information. I enjoy the process of debate and welcome the challenge to my current positions. I find myself circling around ideas and enjoy digging deeper through discussion. As a result I find myself in constant analysis paralysis when it comes education theory. As a result, I am trying to stick to the idea that educators change, adapt, grow, and define based on the situation of the moment not due to the latest research or swing of the pendulum.

Professionally I build content to meet the needs of identified customers. My work can be defined as very outcomes based as opposed to creative. I have a pre defined objective along with deliverable timelines and financial milestones. I love my job! I get to see the impact of education on adult learners and their families.

I am active in Adult Education content development and best practices for Adult Learners. I have been privileged to work alongside some of the best minds in Adult Education from Non-Profits to Corrections. All striving towards the ultimate goal of moving adults from under employed to full time employment with access to the American Dream. A dream of a better life for self and family.

I care about what we leave behind. It is our job to lend a hand to the next generation and lift society up. I am beyond fortunate in that my career matches my passion. I have worked in Educational Publishing for the past 20 years. While creating content is a charge, there is nothing better than attending graduation and hearing how what you created helped a family or individual change thier path in life. Adult Education does not just impact the learner but the wider family unit creating options further down the line.  Professionally, I am part of a team changing lives through one curious learner at a time by creating opportunities for life long learning. I create digital courses in blended learning environments designed to move the learner along at their pace, speaking to them where they are in life, removing education baggage, and helping the left behind learner “eat the elephant’ one bite at a time.

In my personal time, I break a lot of eggs! I like to create amazing cakes and spend a lot of time in the kitchen/lab. Some outcomes better than others, who knew green tea added to the batter would make the cake taste like spruce bark? It was worth a try.  I have also created some pretty amazing combinations like chocolate cake with port wine reduction infused mouse. Now if I had only remembered to write it down.

Breaking eggs can be fun when in the kitchen but not so much in the classroom. If I were to engage in a protest it would be around education. I feel strongly, we need to move away from a one size fits most approach to education. Granted, the basics are the basics and everyone needs exposure to the basics but why did we move away from apprentice education? What caused us as a society to decide only those with advanced degrees in classical education are truly educated? I believe there are many paths to success once you have the fundamental skills in hand. Paths beyond higher education paths that lead to gainful employment and purpose. I am not saying do away with higher education but I would protest our habit of assessing a person’s worth based on pieces of paper.

Along that same thought, if I had the power to change the world I would do away with the question, “what do you do”. How many times in life have you decided a person’s worth based on what you see as the importance of thier job? How many times have you been in a social setting and been asked by a stranger , “so tell me, what do you do”. I would remove the need to rank a person’s value to you by what they do for a living. That is thier job/career not who they are.

“Who are you?” you ask? I am someone damned by the need to plan every detail. I am the planner that drives everyone nuts. I am the one who needs to see the end goal before starting a project. I am the one not capable of letting life simply happen. Annoying, isn’t it. If my magic wand worked I would change that about me. I admire people who can just let life happen.

One thought on “YAWP”

  1. Well done! I really appreciate you delving into the personal…it reflects so much more the interesting, diverse and multi-faceted person you are as opposed to the canned, “objective” “About” information one so often finds.

    Even setting aside differences in how we might value “educational research,” I was struck by this line: “I am trying to stick to the idea that educators change, adapt, grow, and define based on the situation of the moment not due to the latest research or swing of the pendulum.” Because it gets at the reality, as far as I’m concerned, that a significant amount of teaching is an art that isn’t well-suited (or sometimes suited at all) to the kind of generalizations and idea of predictable repetitions that research is usually concerned with. What if we taught educators, did “faculty development,” as if it were more like writing a novel, painting, or making music than manufacturing even the most complex widgets?

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